I like to make time for side projects where I can add value and that allow me to grow and learn as a technology and business professional. As an advisor I describe myself as a cloud infrastructure specialist with a deep understanding of the technology landscape. My specialty is building and marketing highly technical infrastructure products, solutions and services to enterprises and service providers.


  • Technology Product/Service Go-to-market - Product and service creation, positioning, market research, marketing & sales strategy for highly technical products and services
  • Cloud Infrastructure Advisory - Market analysis, financial analysis, solution architecture, vendor selection
  • Technical Due Diligence - Detailed technical analysis of software and infrastructure for merger & acquisition scenarios


Here is a list of organizations who I actively advise for or am involved with in some capacity:

Meridian DLT

Meridian DLT is building an innovative green network leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology.Powered by renewable energy nodes, the eco-system supports many real-world DLT use cases covering green technology, carbon trading, payments, loyalty programs, entertainment and more. I am currently a technology advisor for Meridian DLT where I am supporting their Green Data Centre and Blockchain-focused platform-as-a-service.

“Our entire project felt a lift when Geoff began advising Meridian DLT, and it really seemed like a lot of our vision started becoming integrated with real world possibilities. Not only in bringing advanced understanding of our infrastructure and connectivity needs, but presenting them to diverse audiences in a way that we could build with and begin to implement.” - Matthew Pickup, Co-founder & Director of Development @ Meridian DLT


Cloud-A is a Canadian Infrastructure-as-a-service pioneer, and the first Canadian company to build and operate a public cloud built with OpenStack. Their mission is to disrupt how IT infrastructure is consumed, making it simpler to understand and manage so that your team is more productive. They do that by increasing visibility, insight, and the manageability of it. I actively advise Cloud-A on business and technology related matters.

Tungsten Fabric

I am the Toronto ambassador for Tungsten Fabric, an open source multicloud, multistack SDN project hosted by the Linux Foundation, where my responsibility is to help to make Tungsten Fabric local to you. I speak at local events like Meetups, tour some project technology, and help out locally with the community. Reach out to me to learn more about the Tungsten Fabric community.