What Nature Can Tell us About IoT Security at Scale - RISQ Conference Presentation

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This week I presented a talk at the annual Réseau D’informations Scientifiques Du Québec (Risq)conference in Montreal. RISQ is Quebec’s education and research network that connects 21 universities, 22 colleges and 2,316 K-12 schools to the national Canarie network.

The main focus of this year’s conference is cybersecurity, research in the field and its application while ensuring to take different postures to understand the field.

I chose to present an IoT security talk, specifically about securing IoT devices at scale leveraging behavioral analysis and cluster analysis, a form of unsupervised machine learning. The talk is called “What Nature can Tell us about IoT Security at Scale” and it uses the analogy of IoT devices to flocks of birds. Just as birds of the same species flock together, so do devices of the same kind. We can apply this theory to categorize IoT devices and their behaviors and we can begin to benchmark what is expected behavior, and what is anomaly.


The deck ended up being highly visual, and therefore might not be worth posting. If a recording on the presentation ever surfaces, I’ll be sure to provide a link here.